LOTON® - Beauty Company. Our aim is to satisfy all of you who combine novelty with respect for nature. We have designed our beauty products giving nature the chance to renew its potential. So far we have made our products without any synthetic resources and will continue to do so. This is how we see the benefit to our customers, our environment and to all others.



The latest ART DESING Loton series has been created for the hairdressing market. Contains products intended for professional use in showrooms. The advantage of the series is that its products come in larger capacities. Products are based on proven, effective recipes that have previously won recognition in the professional world. The vision of the series includes a systematic expansion of the product range, and will target more than 20 items.

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LOTON Professional

The LOTON® PROFESSIONAL series has been created considering professionals' opinion of the series as a tool in hair salons. The formula of these modern preparations allows the free use of them not only by the hairdressers. The professional styling and care are now available also at home.

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LOTON SPA & Beauty

Seria Loton Spa&Beauty powstała z myślą o klientach ceniących naturalność produktów. Zamierzaliśmy, aby nowa seria była wolna od powszechnie stosowanych dodatków jak silikony, parabeny, allergeny, barwiniki itp. W efekcie przedstawiamy serię olejków które
w 99% są pochodzenia naturalnego.

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LOTON Care & Styling

The hair care duty products which have been proved and bought for over 30 years. The unique formula of our products strengthens and restores your hair caring for and nourishing it. The formula makes it easy to create any hairstyle you want, styling is easy, permanent, lasting and durable.

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